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E-Micro Forex Futures

Source: Investopedia
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E-Micro Forex Futures

What is 'E-Micro Forex Futures'

Currency futures contracts traded on CME Globex that are one-tenth the size of standard Forex futures. Currency futures are exchange-traded futures contracts that have currency exchange rates as the underlying commodity. There are standard and E-micro contracts to suit a variety of traders' needs, accounts and risk tolerances.

Explaining 'E-Micro Forex Futures'

The E-micro Forex futures contracts are offered exclusively by the CME Group and traded on CME Globex, an electronic futures trading platform. Unlike Forex, the currency futures market is regulated as a futures market and therefore has centralized pricing and clearing. Available E-micro Forex futures contracts include:

·EUR/USD - euro/US dollar
·USD/JPY - US dollar/Japanese yen
·GBP/USD - British pound/US dollar
·USD/CAD - US dollar/Canadian dollar
·AUD/USD - Australian dollar/US dollar
·USD/CHF - US dollar/Swiss franc

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