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The Independence Party is a centre-right political party in Iceland. Liberal conservative and Eurosceptic, it is the largest party in the Althing, with 21 seats. The chairman of the party is Bjarni Benediktsson. The secretary of the party is Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir.

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What is 'XDIS'

A symbol used specifically upon the consolidated tape to indicate a security that is trading ex-distribution or without the right to receive the next distribution. XDIS is derived from the term ex-distribution.

Explaining 'XDIS'

Typically, a stock's price will depreciate immediately after its distribution is paid. For the purpose of providing timely and accurate information, the consolidated tape will indicate this occurrence by adding the letters "XDIS" immediately after the stock's symbol.

For example, ABC XDIS 15 or ABC/XDIS would indicate that company ABC is trading ex-distribution at $15. A temporary suffix, such as XDIS, represents a temporary change to the underlying security because of current market conditions. The typical format for including the suffix is the security's symbol (such as stock ABC), followed by a forward slash (indicating a temporary change) and then the suffix (XDIS).

A security that is trading XDIS entitles a seller (a previous owner), rather than the buyer, to receive the last declared distribution prior to the sale.

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